Meri Meri

Pastel Flower Wall Hanging


Wow them with this beautifully colourful floral wall hanging. Whether it's hung up in their room as a permanent feature or as a back drop to the playroom, you won't get much better than this easy-to-assemble and ever-changeable wall hanging. Each individual flower has been made from tissue paper with gold and green foil leaves, and sits atop a wire stem with a hook on the end so they can attach to each other.  This set has 20 flowers and a 2m chord to hang them off; length and placement is completely up to you!

ANDO LOVES being able to change and alter the design as and when it pleases you; plus it's also easy to store and stash away for parties.

ANDO STYLE within the nursery as a colourful and refreshing statement piece.

Product Length: 2m

Suitable for 3 Years +

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