Yang Water Bottle with Straw (Sandy)


A clean and simple design, this handy Liewood water bottle is the perfect choice for encouraging little ones to drink and stay hydrated. Whether it's for stashing in their school bag, or for carrying on adventures it has a hook they can grab in an instant and is made from a lightweight and durable tritan with a silicone sleeve that won't slip out of little hands. It has a secure screw top lid with a removable straw that is easy to use and clean.

ANDO LOVES that it's made from glass-like plastic (tritan) which is dishwasher safe and shatter proof.

ANDO STYLE with one of our backpacks and snack pots.

Bottle: 100% Tritan  \  Sleeve: 100% Silicone

Available in 350ml or 500ml  

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