Malik Mini Dino Ice Pop Moulds Set of 6 (Dusty Mint Multi Mix)

£17.50 £22

Bring on summer with these fun and refreshing reusable ice pop moulds from Liewood. Made from a soft and flexible silicone, they are great for small hands and little grips, let them get involved with the flavours and pouring process and watch as they eagerly await the frozen goodness! Plus each one has a dinosaur on the lid which, when turned out, makes a fun and easy-to-hold handle.  

Each pack contains six moulds. Dishwasher Safe.

ANDO LOVES that these are reusable, create less waste and are made with super flexible (and durable) silicone. 

ANDO STYLE with plenty of napkins! In our experience ice-lollies equals lots of sticky fingers.

Available Colours: Dusty Mint Dino, Apple Red Mix and Jojoba Multi Mix.

100% Silicone 

12cm x 6cm | Holds: 60ml

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