Petit Pourri

Twinning Embroidered Seahorses Motif for MAMA + ME (Exclusive Design)

£1.50 £5

An exclusive design just for Ando! This beautiful duo of iron-on patches, will add a minimalist yet personal touch. These delicate gold Seahorses can be shared with your little love - so you are both wearing one! Made from metallic gold thread, they will decorate anything from a sweatshirt to a pillowcase. Perfect for little ones, and for you. 

ANDO LOVES that they are exclusive to Ando, a limited and unique approach to adding a sweet personal touch to yours and your little ones wardrobes. 

ANDO STYLE on romper, tee or sweatshirts for a subtle matchy-matchy vibe with your little ones.

Colour: Gold

Iron on high heat with a cotton cloth covering. Wash at 30 degrees.

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