Baltic Amber Baby Teething Bracelet/Anklet


Tackle teething with these beautiful unisex amber teething bracelet. Baltic amber contains Succinic Acid which has a number of beneficial properties for little teethers;  it is a natural anti-inflammatory analgesic that is activated by the warmth of your body. Against the heat of your baby's skin it helps to release and absorb the oil into the bloodstream and help to ease teething pains.  

If your little one is suffering with swollen gums and constant irritation an amber bracelet could really help sooth them. Worn as either a bracelet or anklet, this is a simple solution that sits neatly as a unique accessory too.

ANDO LOVES that the bracelet has been knotted between each bead, a fail safe if ever the bracelet breaks.

ANDO STYLE make up a baby hamper, and add in a teether bracelet as a thoughtful extra. 

14cm with a twist clasp

Wipe Clean Only. If washed with water, dry in sunlight.

Every piece has unique colours and textures that cannot be exactly duplicated, so product may differ slightly from pictures.

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