Humming Bear Organic Cuddly Toy Night Light (Sand)


If your little one has trouble sleeping, then this soft, glowing teddy bear is the perfect solution to help them feel safe at bedtime. The stylish teddy-shaped light will look over your little one as they fall asleep under its soft glow and low humming. This baby-safe night time comforter has 7 different light setting and a choice of 5 naturally soothing sounds. All designed to comfort your baby, the sounds are all live recordings and include sea waves, a mountain stream and noises from within a mother's womb. It also has a lullaby setting too designed for settling newborns.

The night light and humming turns on and off manually without a noise, but also has a Smart Cry Detector that when triggered by the sudden waking of your baby will play a soothing natural sound to help them drift back off to sleep against the soft hum of the toy.  This soft toy-meets-night light is also a great choice for older children who struggle to self settle or are afraid of the dark. Light and volume are all adjustable to suit the needs of your little one.

ANDO LOVES the low glow of the night light that means you don't have to turn on the bright top light for middle of the night feeds and changes.

ANDO STYLE it is a safe, soft and bedtime-saving toy that'd make a lovely gift.

Available Colours: Cream Bunny, Cappuccino Bear, Sand Bear, Polar Bear and Grey Bear.

100% Organic Cotton (GOTS Certified) with filling made from recycled materials.

Includes a rechargeable USB battery pack. 3hrs full charge allows 8 hours continuous use.

28cm x 16cm x 10cm

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