Cameron Sippy Cup (Blue Mix)


This easy-grip two handled cup with removable straw, is the perfect starting block for little ones learning to hold and sip from their own cups. A clean, simple and functional design, it holds up to 140ml with a screw on 'no spill' lid that can be removed as they grow in confidence. Plus, it is dishwasher safe, microwave safe and made from 'unbreakable' silicone.

ANDO LOVES the lightweight design that washes easily and won't effect the taste of the liquid it is holding.

ANDO STYLE build up a weaning pack with a silicone bib and dinner set.

Available Colours: Rose Mix, Blue Mix, Tuscany Rose/Mustard Mix, Oat/Sandy Mix,  Faune Green/Dove Blue Mix and Eden/Golden Caramel Mix

100% Silicone

 H: 9.5cm W: 11.5cm C: 140ml  Straw: 14cm

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