Ellis Mr Bear Sippy Cup (Golden Caramel)

£9.80 £14

Let little ones grapple with drinking from a cup with this sweet Ellis sippy cup with a straw.  The perfect starting block for little ones, it has a sweet raised bears face on the front.  There are multiple ways of drinking too, whether it's through the straw, with the lid screwed off or with the straw removed so they can sip through the spout.  Made from durable silicone it has long-lasting unbreakable quality. 

ANDO LOVES that it comes with its own cleaning brush. Easy cleaning? Yes please!

ANDO STYLE build up a weaning pack with a silicone bib and dinner set.

Available Colours: Sandy Cat, Rose Cat, Golden Caramel Bear and Khaki Bear.

100% Silicone

Cup: 11.5cm x 7cm  Straw: 17 cm x 1 cm  Holds: 230ml

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