Harvey Divider Plate Set Of 2 (Whale Blue Mix)


Presentation is sometimes the key in helping make dinnertime an enjoyable experience, and this Liewood divider plate allows your little one to pick and mix their own dish; as well as provide ample options for how you dish up.  Super durable, dishwasher friendly and stylish, this plate has been designed primarily for babies and young children on their weaning journey and beyond. Simplicity and quality in both design and look, these are a dinnertime must-have.

ANDO LOVES the smooth and durable silicone, an unbreakable choice for small hands.

ANDO STYLE with a Liewood Merle cape bib, the perfect protection for messy eaters!

Available Colours: Dark Rose/Mustard Mix, Golden Caramel/Sandy Mix, Sandy/Oat Mix, Whale Blue Mix and Peppermint/Golden Caramel Mix.

100% Silicone

D: 21cm H:2.6cm 

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