Merrick Divider Plate Set of 2 (Golden Caramel/Sandy Mix)


Presentation is sometimes the key in helping make dinnertime an enjoyable experience, and this Liewood divider plate allows your little one to pick�and mix their own dish.� Super durable, dishwasher friendly and stylish, this�plate has been designed primarily for babies and young children on their weaning journey and beyond.�It�has�cute bear ears,�as well as four dividers that provide ample options for how you dish up.�

ANDO LOVES�the smooth and durable silicone, an unbreakable choice for�small hands.

ANDO STYLE�with a Liewood Merle cape bib, the perfect protection for messy eaters!

Available Colours:�Dark Rose/Mustard Mix,�Golden Caramel/Sandy Mix,�Sandy/Oat Mix and�Peppermint/Golden Caramel Mix.

100% Silicone

17cm Diameter�

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