Warren Cat Bottle (Rose)


A clean and simple design, this handy Liewood water bottle is the perfect choice for encouraging little ones to drink and has a cute cat-face design on the side. Whether it's for stashing in their school bag, or for carrying on adventures it has a hook that you can grab in an instant and is made from a sturdy silicone that won't slip out of little hands. And the mouth piece is easy to open and close, and is a secure stop that won't leak. The square shape is a preventative measure, so that it won't roll away if dropped. Each bottle has a screw-top lid, a detachable straw and a small brush for cleaning.

ANDO LOVES that it's made from unbreakable silicone, long lasting and is dishwasher safe.

ANDO STYLE with one of our choice backpacks.

Available Colours: Rose, Tuscany Rose, Wheat Yellow, Dove Blue, Light Lavender and Mustard.

100% Silicone

Dimensions: H: 18cm x W: 6cm x L: 6cm  |  Holds approximately 350 ml. 

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