Elhee Innovative Multi Flow Teats Set


The innovative bottles from French brand, Elhee, are anti-colic, ergonomically shaped and look beautiful too. The sets come in two different sizes (size 1 for 0-3 months, size 2 for 3-24 months) and with three variations on flow. All teats adapt to babies needs, as well as suction and rhythm.

Size 1 Small Flow: These are a slow flow. Perfect for babies between newborn and 6 months, the slower flow will help your little one get used to drinking from the bottle, and ease the transition between breast and/or mixed feeding. 

Size 1 Medium Flow: These are medium flow, perfect for once baby has got the hang of using a teat or mixed feeding. Ideal for 0-6 months and for infant milk and water.

Size 2 Medium Flow: These are medium flow, with a wider teat and are slightly bigger in volume and therefore hold slightly more in the teat. A great choice for babies who want a steady flow and perhaps a higher volume of milk at a quicker pace. For babies 3-24 months

Size 2 Large/Dense Flow: These are for a denser flow, with a wider teat and are slightly bigger in volume. Ideal for hungrier babies, and those ready for thicker more dense liquids. These are perfect for thickened milk/cereals, for babies 3-24 months.

ANDO LOVES that they are made from 100% medical grade silicone.

ANDO STYLE in the Élhée Anti Colic bottle in a modern and neutral tone.

Note that all flow rates are indicated under the base of the teat (S = slow flow, M = medium flow, L = dense flow).

All teats are BPA and BPS free.

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