Etta Loves

Etta Loves Sycamore Plant Sensory Teething Comforter

£14.40 £18

We love this beautiful teething comforter, that not only soothes the teething pains and distracts little hands, but the pattern has been designed specifically to best support babies visual and cognitive development.  The teething ring is made from a soft and protected sycamore which is perfect for relieving pressure on the gums whilst the soft double layer of muslin will occupy small hands as well as mop up small dribbles or spillages. 

ANDO LOVES the clever science behind the design, whilst not compromising on style or design.

ANDO STYLE as part of a baby bundle for a newborn, add a muslin and baby romper for a sweet welcome gift.

40cm x 40cm

100% Organic Cotton Muslin 

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