Baby Shower

Linen Fleece Baby Nest with Harness Openings (Mocha Mini Stars)


This super cute, cosy fleece lined baby nest is the perfect cosy companion when out and about. Perfect for the moses basket and your pram's bassinet, with optional harness openings that fit on all models of prams or seats. The fleece lining not only helps maintain baby's temperature but also adds padding for extra support and comfort.  This sleeping bag style is closed at the side with linen bows and the bottom of the bag can be zipped open, so you can easily lift the baby in and out more comfortably.

ANDO LOVES the softness of the organic fabric to keep little ones warm and comfortable. 

ANDO STYLE  with one of our soft muslins and a teether.  

Size: 74cm x 40cm

100% Oeko-Tex Certified Linen with Fleece Interior

The baby nests arrive with closed harness openings, please cut through the stitching on the harness openings you intend to use.

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