FRIGG Colour Block Silicone Pacifier Dummy (Breeze)


These high quality simple-yet-stylish dummies have become a staple for babies, and lets face it parents too, thanks to their modern take on a retro design and�the varied and beautiful shades they're available in. No more garish plastic, or gendered designs we love the simplicity of these dummies and they come in both size 1 and size 2, to cater for babies from birth up to 18 months.

All FRIGG dummies have been thoughtfully designed to teach self-comforting, as well as with safety features such as air holes and a security handle.�Plus the shield is curved slightly so as to keep off of baby's skin and not cause irritation.

ANDO LOVES� that the shield is BPA free and the teat is made from�silicone that is soft and flexible, free from PVC and�phthalates.

ANDO STYLEwith a tonal romper or hat, an essential but stylish baby essential.

Shield: 100% BPA-free


Before use

Sterilise your dummy with boiling water and leave to cool down. Ensure hot water is squeezed out of the�teat before you give it to your�baby

Never use washing up liquid to clean your child’s dummy

Never use your dummy to administer medication

Store in a dry, closed container

Frequently check the dummy for damage.�Never use a damaged dummy.

It's recommended that dummies should be replaced every 6-8 weeks for hygiene reasons.

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