Glass Bottle with Upcycled Rubber Ball Case Set (Blue)


A stand out for for its unique design, this 2-in-1 set can be used together or apart.  Perfect for babies learning to grip, the starry rubber cover also protects the glass bottle when dropped or knocked over. Apart, the bottle can be used for feeding, whilst the rubber ball makes for a great toy or teether.  The 120ml bottle has been made from 100% borosilicate glass, a really durable material that won't leach anything into your babies milk or water, nor retain any smell or taste from previous usage. Whilst the rubber used to make the ball has been made from natural upcycled rubber, and from the cut offs of the brands other rubber products. Meaning this is a completely plastic free, sustainable and eco-friendly approach to bottle feeding.

ANDO LOVES that this multi use ball is a great feeding aid to help with motor skills and can be used as a toy too.

ANDO STYLE with a bundle of of neutral organic muslins and Mushie burp cloths; the feeding essentials!

100% Natural Rubber

Compatable with 120ml bottle only.

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