Lance Tableware Set (Eden Multi Mix)


Designed primarily for babies and young children, this dinnerware set is ideal for feeding little ones.  Super durable and easy-to-clean, it includes a bowl, cup and spoon, each with a feature specific to babies on their weaning journey.  A suction bottom plate to keep it in place, a wide handled spoon for easy gripping and a leakproof cup with straw. 

Set includes: Bowl, Spoon and Cup with Straw.

ANDO LOVES the smooth and durable silicone, an unbreakable choice for small hands.

ANDO STYLE with a Liewood Merle cape bib, the perfect protection for messy eaters!

100% Silicone

Cup: H 9.5cm D 11.5cm C 140ml  Straw: H 14cm D 1cm  Spoon: H 2.5cm W 4.5cm L 12.5cm  Plate: D 17cm H 2.7cm

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