Liva Silicone Spoon Set of 4 (Blue Multi Mix)


A clever way to get them interested and excited in eating, this set of silicone spoons is a great choice for weaning or small babies. All four spoons are an introduction to how it feels to use a spoon, with wide easy-grip handles.  Made from a long-lasting and durable silicone, they are dishwasher friendly and with this set of four you'll always have one handy! Plus each spoon has a pair of animal ears making for a fun and playful approach to dinnertime.

ANDO LOVES the smooth and durable silicone, an unbreakable choice for small hands.

ANDO STYLE with a tableware set and a Merle cape bib.

Available Colours: Safari Blue Mix, Safari Rose Mix, Blue Mix and Multi Mix

100% Silicone

H 2.5cm W 4.5cm L 14cm

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