May Storage Caddy (Oat)


We love anything that helps keeps things tidy and easy to store, so this useful storage caddy is a firm favourite. Made from a smooth, durable plastic and in a range of block colours, it has six small compartments and a handle small enough for little ones to carry around. We love its versatility too, whether its for the nursery, playroom, crafting or bathroom this is a great way to encourage organisation and a tidying up.

ANDO LOVES the durable and long-lasting material that is lightweight and easy to clean.

ANDO STYLE fill with craft supplies, snacks or bath bits.

Available Colours: Rose, Apple Red, Oat, Sandy, Whale Blue, Faune Green and Golden Caramel.

60% Recycled ABS / 40% Virgin ABS

17cm x 17cm \ H: 13.5cm

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