Ekelund Weavers

Moomin Valley Organic Cotton Woven Blanket (Rose)


This unique, organic cotton, woven blanket has been lovingly designed and made by one of Sweden's longest running expert weavers, crafting blankets for centuries. A cool and colourful design that captures cult SCandi characters from The Moomins. A fun and friendly blanket that can be used to comfort, snuggle or decorate the nursery. This super soft blanket is a high-quality heirloom piece that keeps it's shape and softness year after year.

ANDO LOVES the eco-friendly heritage of this centuries old weaving company; better quality that lasts longer.

ANDO STYLE as a focus in the nursery, or a sweet blanket that can go from bed to pram.

100% Organic Cotton

72cm x 105cm 

Machine wash 60degrees. Feel free to use an allergy-free and organic rinse aid to maintain the softness. Can be tumble dried for a short time (max. 15 min) for best fluff and softness.

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