Baby Shower

Organic Bambi Angel Nest Swaddle Blanket (Vanilla Sky)


One of the cosiest ways of keeping your new arrival warm whilst travelling is this super soft angel nest with sweet bambi ears and wrap over swaddle. It has openings on the back for pushchairs, car seats and rockers and is kept wrapped up by two tie fastenings at the top and an easy zip across the bottom. Cosy, cute and incredibly useful, what more could your little one need?!

ANDO LOVES the soft organic fabric and the cosy light padding that helps to keep little ones warm and comfortable.

ANDO STYLE  with a cosy baby romper and a pair of Baby Shower 
Almo booties.

Available Colours: Vanilla Sky, Cloud and Powder Grey

Wash at 30. Do Not Tumble Dry. Follow Care Label Instructions.

100% Cotton Exterior

The baby nests arrive with closed harness openings, please cut through the stitching on the harness openings you intend to use.

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