Little Beacon

Organic Cotton Muslin Comforter (Sunset)

£5.40 £18

Made from 100% organic cotton, this super soft and oh-so-handy comforter is perfect for mopping up or burping baby without irritating their delicate skin. A smooth durable birchwood teething ring is tied securely onto the corner, allowing your little one to relieve pressure of teething and itchy gums. A sweet and thoughtful girt idea.

Little Beacon only make limited runs of each design, focusing on the neutral design, quality and comfort of each product, making sure they are the best quality for the whole family.

ANDO LOVES the softness of the lightweight organic fabric.  

ANDO STYLE with a baby sleepsuit and soft cotton baby hat.

100% Organic Cotton \  Organic Birchwood Teething Ring

40cm x 40cm 

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