Pacifier Case (Pale Taupe)


This clever and useful pacifier case stores and keeps pacifiers away from germs when on the move and can be looped on to the pram, nappy bag, or, simply kept at home in the nursery - where it is handy within arms reach to get a pacifier when needed. This case can store up to 3 pacifiers inside too and suitable for any pacifier brands.

100% free from BPA, PVC and phthalates.

ANDO LOVES that this will save you from panicking to find a clean dummy inside a bag or around the house, when you will have them all in one place and reachable!

ANDO STYLE with our Bibs Pacifier 

Available Colours: Blush, Cloudy Mauve, Cambridge Blue, Shifting Sand, Dried Thyme, Pale Taupe and Stone



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