Philip Pacifier Box (Khaki)


This clever and useful pacifier case from Liewood stores and keeps pacifiers away from germs when on the move. A handy and versatile accessory, it can be looped on to the pram, nappy bag, or simply kept at home in the nursery - where it is handy within arms reach to get a pacifier when needed. This case can store up to 3 pacifiers inside too and suitable for any pacifier brands.

ANDO LOVESthat this will save you from panicking to find a clean dummy inside a bag or around the house, when you will have them all in one place and reachable!

ANDO STYLEwith a 3 pack of Liewood Paula Pacifiers

Available Colours: Tuscany Rose, Rose, Golden Caramel, Khaki, Sandy, Blue Fog and Peppermint

100% Silicone

Diameter 8cm | Height 6cm | String 17cm

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