Studio Noos

Puffy Essentials Mama Pouch (Lilac)


The perfect little pouch from Studio Noos, it is just the right size to squeeze in all your baby essentials, with still a little room for some of yours too! From diapers and wipes, to a spare vest and the must-have dummies - it will all pack neatly into this fashion friendly pouch. And if you happen to use it more for your make up and essentials, then good on you too, we definitely won't be judging.

ANDO LOVES the perfect fit for nappies, plus wipes and a few extras. 

ANDO STYLE with the matching puffy purse and Mama Stroller bag.

Available colours: Rust, Lilac and Ochre.

Fabric: 100% polyester

Size: 9x24x9cm

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