Upcycled Rubber Star Ball Teether Toy and Bottle Cover (Natural)


Sustainable and durable this star ball toy is multipurpose and adapts to fit your little ones needs as they grow.  Made from 100% natural upcycled rubber, it fits around the Hevea 120ml glass bottle as a cover that is easy for small hands to grip as well as protect the bottle from knocks and spills. A great choice for easing teething pains too, there is a mixture of textures and soft rubber to help itching gums.

A fun toy too it is also a cleverly designed ball. With starry cut-outs to help develop grip, as well as hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Made from a single mould there are no hollow holes or cracks so it doesn't harbour any bacteria or mould and is quick and easy to clean. 

ANDO LOVES that it's completely plastic free and is a sustainable and durable design.

ANDO STYLE with a 120ml Hevea glass baby bottle.

100% Natural Rubber

Approx.10cm in height

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