Vivi Silicone Cat Dinnerware Set (Rose Multi Mix)


Have a pick of the best pieces of Liewood tableware with this super durable, easy-to-clean and stylish dinnerware set.  Designed primarily for babies and young children, this set has rabbit ears on the spoon, plate and bowl, helping make weaning or dinnertime an enjoyable experience.

Set includes: Plate, Bowl, Cup and Spoon.

ANDO LOVES the smooth and durable silicone, an unbreakable choice for small hands.

ANDO STYLE with a Liewood Merle cape bib, the perfect protection for messy eaters!

Available Colours: Mustard Cat, Dark Rose Cat, Rose Multi Mix Cat, Blue Multi Mix Rabbit and Sandy Rabbit

100% Silicone

Cup: H 7cm x D 6.5cm Holds: 160ml  |  Plate: D 17cm H 2.5cm  |  Spoon: H 2.5cm W 4.5cm L 14cm  |  Bowl: D 11.5cm H 4.5cm

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