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Rainbow Icon Cape and Wand Dress Up Set

£20.40 £68

Party ready in an instant, this super sweet embroidered cape and wand set is a favourite for fancy dress and roleplay.  The cape fastens at the front of the neck with a simple popper that even little fingers can open or close. High quality and durable, they can swish and twirl to their hearts delight!

ANDO LOVES the multi-layers of tulle that gives the cape so much movement.

ANDO STYLE the perfect set for the dress-up box, for parties or for the fun everyday!

For ages 3yrs-6yrs

Product dimensions: Length of Cape: 25.5" \ Neck: 18"

Shell: 100% Nylon \ Lining: 100% Cotton \ Wand: Star: 100% Polyester Ribbon: 100% Nylon

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