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Rouan Baby Sleeping Sack Bag Nest (Ecru)


A cosy and secure way of keeping baby warm and comfortable when napping or at bedtime. The zip opens and closes at the side and one shoulder strap has a popper fastening which makes getting baby in and out a simple fuss-free affair.  Often heralded as a life-saver for a smooth bedtime, this baby sleeping bag is looser than a swaddle with room enough to wriggle, but still secure and comforting enough for baby to sleep safe and soundly in.  

ANDO LOVES the soft cotton against baby's skin, with a light to mid-weight stuffing perfect for keeping baby warm.

ANDO STYLE will go over whatever your baby usually wears for bedtime, leaving their arms free.

Tog Rating 1.5-2 Tog

Outer: 100% Cotton \ Inner Padding: 100% Polyester

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