Joana Cat Baby Dinnerware Set (Golden Caramel)


Add some animal fun into into your babies weaning journey, with this super sweet set of really durable, easy-to-clean and stylish dinnerware. Designed primarily for babies, the plate has a wide brim and a depth to it that allows for big scoops and helps push food onto the spoon.  Each piece of this dinnertime set has a friendly cat's face design, helping make mealtimes an enjoyable experience. Dishwasher friendly and of long-lasting quality, this is a firm favourite for feeding little ones.

Set includes: Plate, Bowl, Cup and Spoon.

ANDO LOVES that this set has been made from a renewable material, PLA. Safe and very durable, it also leaves a smaller environmental footprint.

ANDO STYLE with a Liewood Merle cape bib, the perfect protection for messy eaters!

Available Colours: Creme de la Creme Panda, Rose Blush Cat, Dusty Mint Cat, Golden Caramel Cat and Oat Bear.

100% PLA

Cup: D 6cm Holds: 130ml \ Plate: D 12.5cm H 5cm \ Bowl: D 10cm H 5cm \
Spoon: L13cm

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