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Etta Loves Plant Print Sensory Muslin Blanket

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There's nothing better than a versatile accessory for baby, and this large plant print muslin blanket is super handy with multiple uses.  Made from three layers of 100% organic cotton muslin, it makes a great feeding blanket and will cover both mama and baby at the most intimate of moments. The plant patterns on both sides have been expertly scaled and specifically coloured to support babies visual and cognitive development throughout their first year.  Whether it's for popping down for tummy time or as a comfort blanket at nap time this is a gorgeous addition to the baby bag and a lovely gift to give (or receive!).

Between 0-4 months babies are still developing their eyesight, which is why Etta Loves has developed the high contrast black and white design for those first few months of developing their sight. From 5 months, babies begin to register colour and Etta Loves has designed the sycamore print, which encourages the development of the receptor cells in their eyes. Clever huh! 

ANDO LOVES the clever science behind the design, baby's first art experience! 

ANDO STYLE as part of a baby bundle for a newborn, add a teether and baby romper for a sweet welcome gift.

120cm x 120cm

100% Organic Cotton

Machine Washable. Please follow the instructions on Care Label.

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