Teddy Moon Pacifier Clip and Comforter (Beige)


Handmade in the Netherlands, these plush, super soft, moon-shaped pacifier clips are a stylish way of keeping hold of dummies and comforting your little ones. The moon shape is easy for little hands to grip and can act as a soft cuddly toy whilst they suck on their dummy. The simple woven cotton strap loops easily onto a wide range of dummies. Babies should always be supervised when using a dummy.

ANDO LOVES the soft teddy material, that holds your baby's scent and comforts them from the moment they first cuddle it.

ANDO STYLE with one of our Studio Noos Stroller Bags; they're made from the same material and colours.

Available Colours: Pastel Pistache, Brown and Beige

100% Polyester

12.5cm x 10cm

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